Monday, May 27, 2013

Joana is Back!

It has been ages since I´ve written here. I know. Let’s simply say that the reason for my absence is a mixture of feeling a bit rusty, having a lot of work and in general just a creative block.

Moreover, I believe that a new light has thriven in me. Once again I feel the will to write and my new condition of a future mother (yes, I’m going to be a mommy) has enable me to have more time to myself (40 weekly hours and a lot of pamper from my work colleagues –not from the Boss, she drives me crazy ). Also, by reading on a daily basis blogs like the one belonging to Raquel Graça – Prometo não te mato outra vez - as well as projects like, We Blog You and Beija-flor (these last one also from Raquel but in partnership with one my best buddys Susana Gomes) that make me, day after day, open my eyes and really see that if there is something we wish to change, it is up to us to give the first step.

Its project like the ones I have previously mentioned that leave me at ease. Meaning, it is a relief knowing that the idea of having the exact same job for the rest of my life is no longer a reality. Hopefully, there’s plenty of fields to explore.

It is now the time to carry this blog in a slightly different way than its last purpose. Since the blog was created in 2008, when I was still living quite of a different paradigm from what I am currently living.

Nowadays, I want this to be similar to a journal, where I can share my everyday moments of gastronomic joy and sadness. Yes, gastronomic, being I a Chef (pastries mostly these days), living with another Chef (a very good one indeed), adding my pregnancy to the matter among with the tremendous will to be a healthy one, everything ends up revolving around recipes, hints, products, nutrition, and obviously because to that the time demands the “easy on the pocket” buying of groceries. I live in London and I have a job, but it shore doesn’t seem like I’m going to be rich, therefore budgets are a constant, in order to make everything work accordingly to expectations.

As this post appears to already be a long one, and the underground is near to its destiny (I’m still quite the old-fashioned, when it comes to writing, I still need me a pen and some paper. Only after do I transcribe it to the computer)I finish for today, leaving behind an explanatory text of what has happened and what it is that hopefully will soon begin in this new phase of Passos´s.

Appreciative of any suggestions or tips.

See you tomorrow

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