Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Everything starts with an inspiration; Rhubarb

Everything should starts with an inspiration, right? At least everything that really matters.
So, I was watching a programme about what the best this Kingdom (UK) has to offer in terms of food, actually an amazing programme with James Martin on BBC 1. And one of the ingredients that James was talking about was the beautiful Rhubarb that grows in abundance in Yorkshire.

So, inspired by one of the recipes that James cooked in the programme I thought “why not?”. Rhubarb is getting in season now and I have here in my town a lovely fishmonger and some fruit/vegetable groceries with really fresh and yummy ingredients that I can combine and make a really tasty and colourful dinner. And here it’s the result.
Hope you like it.

Ingredients (for 2)
For the Sea Bass:
. 1 sea bass (2 fillets)
. olive oil
. salt
. fresh or dry oregano
. ½ lemon (juice)

For the Chutney:
2tbsp honey
2tbsp of sultanas
1tsp of fresh grated ginger
2 spring onions (finely chopped)
2tbsp red wine vinegar
1 stick of rhubarb, diced
1 lemon (juice)
Salt, black pepper and fresh rosemary (finely chopped)

. 1 big sweet-potato cut in wedges or 2 small size ones
. 2 garlic cloves
. olive oil
. salt
. black-pepper

For salad:
. some rocket
. 1tbsp salad dressing (or you your own dressing)
. goat cheese (it’s up to you the amount, cut in small cubes)


Let’s start with sweet-potatoes that take more time, so, oven at 180C.
Cut the sweet-potato into wedges put in an oven tray, season with salt, pepper, smashed garlic cloves (leave the skin on), olive oil and cook for about 30m.
Next, Chutney: in a pan, low heat, melt the honey with sultanas, add rosemary, spring onions or shallot, ginger and rhubarb.
Stir in the vinegar and the lemon juice, Bring back to the boil and cook gently for 8 to 10minutes. Season with salt, pepper and set aside to cool.
For the sea bass, season with salt and pepper, place it in a frying-pan really hot and cook for 4 minutes or until skin is crisp and the fish cooked through. Refresh the fish with lemon juice and oregano
The salad, combine all the ingredients in a bowl, season and voila, done.
To serve, place some chutney on the bottom of a plate (or use a bowl), some sweet-potatoes on, the fish and finish with the fresh and gorgeous salad.

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