Saturday, November 09, 2013

Go Mad in combinations - Natural Yogurt and whatever you want ...

I know, I know, these jars have a really nice look and trust me, they taste wonderfully.

I am quite crazy about eating not just in a healthy way but also homemade things, and now that I have plenty time to create, test and develop recipes for all types of meals, breakfast, lunch, dinner, take away desserts, afternoon tea time and snacks, almost every single day i come up with some research and/or creation.

And, after realise the amount of money we were spending in yogurts per month I realise that I will save some money doing my own batch of natural yogurt and with that make as many combinations as I want with jams, fruit puree, curds, cereals, flaxseeds, cinnamon or fresh fruit (things that I have always at home).

I got frustrated with my own natural yogurt, because without a machine to reach the same consistence of yogurt every week it is not easy and the price of a good natural yogurt is perfectly reasonable and 1L of yogurt is more than enough for 2 people in 1 week.

In theses jars in the photo I mixed the natural yogurt with lemon curd and some gluten-free granola and the other one with apple and sultana puree and the same granola (lemon curd and puree that I made and the gluten-free granola I got from Mini Magoo online store).

It is not just a way to save some money, it is also a good way to play with flavours and I believe my little one will love these colourful and yummy combinations in 7 months’ time :-)

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