Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Children's Nutrition - healthy foods for 8, 15 and 24 months babies.

Create a list (up to 5) of healthy foods for: 
• An 8 month old baby
-potato, broccoli and chicken mash
- dried apricot and peach puree
-baby rice, chicken and beans mash
- sweet-potato mash with soft pieces of salmon (grilled)
- banana and dates puree with plain yogurt
- apple and raisin compote with smooth avocado
A 15 month old baby
-No sugar banana loaf (using ripe bananas and dates puree instead of sugar)
- vegetable (tomato, courgette and chedar cheese) muffins
- mango, strawberry and banana fruit salad with ground flaxseeds
- grilled sea-bream with quinoa peas and smooth carrot
-Mushroom, spinach and fennel omelete
• A 2 year old toddler
- No sugar Flapjacks (using dates puree instead of sugar)
-lamb and vegetable stew and basmati rice
-roasted sweet-potatoes wedges and parsnip with pan-fried cod and a mix of green-beans and broccoli
-linguinni with mushrooms, spinach, carrots and tofu
- muesli, natural yogurt and fresh strawberries


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