Friday, May 02, 2014

fussy young toddler ? Check some tips to make food more interesting

 List some ways that foods might be made more interesting to a fussy young toddler (about 1 year old)

Focus on Colour

Colourful dishes are more appealing to kids, so it is interesting purchasing different colours of more ordinary products like purple cauliflower, yellow tomatoes, purple and yellow carrots and black rice.

Maximize their interest

By incorporating the child current obsessions into their meals, like shapes, countries, colours, numbers, etc.

Use fun names

Calling foods by fun and silly names such as: grapes – alien heads; broccoli by babies trees; spinach by muscles leaves.

Serve it different

Vegetables like Kebbabs, Mini-pizzas using wholegrain toasted bread, making savoury muffins, serving cottage/sheppard/fish or any other pi in a tea cup, fish on papilote, etc

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