Friday, May 09, 2014

Guidelines that could be given to parents of an obese young child,

Generate a set of guidelines that could be given to parents of an obese young child, to assist them in making healthy food choices for and with their child, and encourage their child to developing a liking for healthy food options.
-Meals / It is important for kids to have regular and proper meals as they are growing, So, seat at the dining table and have lunch or dinner in family. 30 minutes is a good time to spend in these 2 main daily meals.
-Swap sugary snacks for ones that are lower in sugar. This can make a huge difference to kids’ caloric intake and even their behaviour.
-Try and keep an eye on how many snacks kids are having / 2 is a good number, 1 between breakfast and lunch and another between lunch and dinner.
- A Day/ 5 portions of fruit and vegetables. 1 piece of fruit each snack time and breakfast and plenty vegetables at at lunch and dinner.
-Cut the Fat / change bad fat choices for good ones, like olive oil, coconut or grape seed oil, avocado, nuts and oily fish. Try to avoid, as much as you can, cook deep-fried food and reduce the use of cream, bacon or big quantities of butter.
- Use real products / no process and packed ones.
Vegetables------Fruit-----Grains------Nuts------Legumes-------Meat-----Fish----Dairy------Soya products
-Kids need at least 60minutes of activity per day (NHS advice) to help them stay happy and healthy
Encouragement Tips
-Everyone at home should be involved in these changes, so no child feels singled out.
- Keep offering healthy foods even if they refuse at first.
- Involve children in simple food preparations, like salads, soups or a healthy snack.
- Encourage slow eating.
- Help your child recognised if she/he eats when bored, sad or lonely and try to suggest another activity to help distract.

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