Monday, January 26, 2015

Be aware of how important is water for our children

Today I decided to write about the importance of water in children’s life. And why? Because my son (13 months) drinks plenty of water throughout the day and do it since his tender age of five months when he started weaning.

For many of my family and friends seeing Du drinking water so often and ask for it is a bit strange. However, and unfortunately, the vast majority of people drink only a little water and a little more during the hot days or physical activity.

Since my teen years, I have been growing the good habit of drinking 2 liters of water a day. Because for me is something so normal in my daily routine, I remember much more to offer water to my son than mothers or fathers who do not have this habit.

Definitely drinking water is a habit and children of mothers who drink plenty of water have a higher pre-disposition to order and drink more than the others.
We all, mothers, parents and / or caregivers should be well aware of the importance of water intake on the development of children.
Children, and from the moment they begin to have less breast milk or formula and more solids, should drink about 1 liter of water per day.
For many this amount may seem absurd, but if you think about it; children exude enough throughout the day and it is extremely important for their kidneys, bladder and bowel function. Also, a good water intake prevents constipation and skin, hair and nails problems (weakness).

So 2 good tips.
- adults (mum, dad or carers) increase your water intake (try your best) and it is will be easier remember to offer children
-these mugs that the photo shows, which are suitable for small children, help them to identify that as something that belongs exclusively to them

This is another good habit to enter from an early age and that of course will be for life.

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