Friday, February 06, 2015

Fish and Vegetables two enemies for most of children, right? Food education can be the solution.

This is one of those dishes that makes me very proud of all the work I have done with Edu in terms of his diet.

Fish and vegetables (clearly visible and al dente) are two things that children like the least and most try to avoid, correct?

Well, since I started to introduce solid food in Edu`s diet (around 4 months and a half) vegetables and fish did not take long to be introduced.

As I already explained here before, vegetables were presented to him initially in soups, such as fish, and as teeth appear, Iwent  from soups to purees with more and larger pieces of vegetables, fish, meat, etc.

And so we have reached this point: Edu has 6 teeth and can now eat almost everything cut into small pieces.

According to my experience so far and some conversations with other mums, I come to a conclusion, it is up to us parents / caregivers to educate our little ones to eat everything. If they do not like the first time, try it other day, change the type of presentation, texture, seasoning, combinations ... but do not give up.

Edu does not appreciate salmon, ok, instead I give him wild trout that contains all the same benefits as salmon (wild as well).

He doesn't eat anything at all when surrounded by many people (gets very busy and just wants to play and play), I try to move him to a quieter place and then give him his meal..

I believe, and I apologize to those who disagree, but it's all a matter of patience, creativity,  showing that we are also eating the same as them and explaining to them how important for their growth the food is.
Try to be positive about it and don't give negative explanations such as -"unless you eat the vegetables you will not receive dessert,".

And briefly, what you can see in the picture is: roasted trout, accompanied with a couscous of vegetables and mushrooms (cut into small pieces and stir-fry) and pumpkin seeds.

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