Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Overnight, no-cook Oatmeal with fresh fruit, nuts and other Super Foods

I start by apologizing for the shortage of publications both here on the blog as on Facebook and Instagram. However, I´m Portugal and i don't have my computer, therefore the scenic and time are not the same as when we are in our kitchen where we are familiar with the corners and the production of recipes (and postage) is higher.

Now, a few days ago I posted on social networks some of these photos here also shown, my tip for breakfast or even a snack for our children.

This idea is popular in the USA, where is known as Overnight Oatmeal .
This then is the basis of my meal tip, oats, but then may come a few more ingredients of extreme nutritional value that help our little ones by starting the day with the right energy.

I do this type of jars (yes, I use jars of jams, olives, pesto sauce jars etc. - that i wash and keep) almost every week, I keep them in the refrigerator up to 5 days and  I don't have to worry about Edu`s breakfast or snacks  during the week days.

I should say that this type of meal is also well suited for us adults.

Just assemble it by layers, placing first the oatmeal base and then the different garnishes.

Here it is some of my tips for different combinations:

Oatmeal Base:
2tbsp - Rolled Oats
4tbsp - Almond milk (or cows)
2 to 3 tbsp - Natural yogurt
1tbsp - Chopped nuts (walnuts, almonds, Brazilian nuts and / or pistachios)

(The fruit should be cut in the most appropriate size for the child's age)

1tbsp - Ground Flax seed
2 to 3tbsp - Mango and dates

1tbsp - Chia seeds
2 to 3tbsp -  Pineapple
1tbsp -  Dehydrated coconut (no sugar added)

1tbsp - Sunflower and pumpkin seeds
3 Dried apricots
2tbsp -  Pear

1tbsp - ground flax seed
2 tbsp - strawberries and raspberries

1 tbsp - Chia seeds
2 tbsp - Papaya
1 tbsp - Dehydrated coconut


Katherine said...

I love this one! Will try it out for both me and the bubba. Enjoy Portugal.x

Joana Junqueira said...

Thanks Katherine...yes, these gorgeous jars are delicious and a perfect concentration of good nutrientes.
See you soon.