Thursday, February 12, 2015

Super Foods - Maybe the futur medicines

Monday was shopping day, meaning it was time to get certain products which are becoming more common in many people`s pantry (and thankfully). They are not as cheap as we'd like them to be (except Oats) but for me they are well worth the investment (you cut down some other expenses and you can be able to spend in other, is my suggestion).

As it is visible in the picture, I bought Quinoa, Oats (the ground version), a mix of seeds and dehydrated goji berries (its cheaper to buy these seeds packs), almond butter and hopefully i will get some more things during my trip to Portugal by Sementinha.
Here at home, these products are a common thing on our daily food intake (mother, father and little one).

As soon as i finished my little shopping I came up with the idea to talk here a bit about Super Foods. And why?

Well, keep reading and you will find out.

When we worry about having an healthy diet and research for information, the term "super foods" appears to us practically everywhere, right?

Nutritionists and Food Industry use this term to describe foods that have a potentially positive effect on our health, beyond basic nutrition.

And we can say that all foods are functional as they all provide varying amounts of nutrients to support vital processes of our body, right?

Yes, it is true, however, super foods are generally designated as such because they offer additional benefits that affect one or more functions of our body for better health and well-being and / or reduce the risk of some diseases.

Researches show that the ideal diet is one that is varied in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts and healthy animal products (fish, meat, eggs and some dairy products). However we should be aware that each person has an individual metabolism and all will depended on the model diet (eating routine, if you prefer) followed.

I leave down a little list of some super foods that are not only easy to find, as really tasty, versatile in their possible combinations and simple to introduce into our daily routine.

I'm not saying that these products are, by themselves miraculous, but if combined with an healthy lifestyle (regular physical exercise, active mind, a positive attitude and a balanced diet) i believe they can and will save us money in medical bills, pharmacy, prevent diseases and tears.

- Avocado, apple, banana, berries, coconut and pomegranate.

- Sweet Potato and Pumpkin

- Broccoli, Spinach and Kale (and green leaf)

- Egg, wild Oily Fish

- Cinnamon, Ginger

- Nuts, Oats, Quinoa

- Flax seeds, Chia, Poppy, Sunflower, Sesame

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