Sunday, February 01, 2015

Two interesting products to to litle ones

Today I want to do a two products review that I use with Edu and I love it.

As is visible in the picture, it is a bib and muesli.

The Bib.

Nowadays the Industry develops a bit of everything to make our lives as mums/careers easier and not always the things are, at least for me, useful, but this bib is a winner.

Children begin to eat (weaning) around 4-6 months and no one should expect to be the most clean and easy moments for us parents or caregivers.

Children do a real mess with food and it takes a while until they start eating in a civilized way.

My Edu is 13 months and still making a mess so it is interesting to try finding the best tools that the market can offer us.

In my case, I totally recommend this Bib made with rubber which have a kind of pocket that will picking up all the pieces that children reject.

Because is made by rubber is easier to put on, take off and wash.

Now, the Muesli. Here in the UK there muesli adapted to the different ages, starting in four months until the adult version.

This is made with oats, dry fruit and nuts that are slightly ground to be more easily chewed by children with few or no teeth.

Muesli is something that I really recommend to offer to children (only taking into account allergies and intolerances) and also adults should eat (I eat, the adult version) as it is nutritionally rich, containing fiber, antioxidants, omega-3, folic acid, iron, zinc, vitamins C, D and from the B complex.

An excellent source of energy for the little ones that really need.

I usually offer to Edu as a snack mixed with plain yogurt and small pieces of fruit (can also be with fruit puree if the child cannot chew the fruit).

It is also a good snack to take out, put in a well-sealed glass jar ( layers: yogurt, fruit, muesli) place in cool bag offer later.

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