Sunday, April 05, 2015

My take on an healthy menu for children’s parties

These past few days, while browsing though the blog content, I realised I had enough recipes to write a post on a creative menu for a kids’ party (2 – 12 years old).

In six months time I will have plenty more to offer, but I felt the ideas shown here are great from a nutritional point of view, appealing and delicious.

We have all attended kids’ parties, where there is always a lot going on, where activities are ever more challenging and inspiring, some following a specific theme, others more relaxed, and in every single one there is plenty of food and drinks.

How many times, does the range of edible items offered fail in providing nutritiously for our little ones? Many.
Most of us believe that by giving our children what they like, we are showing them how much we love them. However, studies and statistics show that children and teens are getting heavier, many of them already obese and that what we call a ‘proof of parental love’, becomes a free pass to future health problems (diabetes, cholesterol, respiratory conditions, compromising liver, kidneys, skin, etc), together with, equally worrying, social awkwardness.

As a mother, I too want the best for my child. But to me, the best is about offering what will help him grow physically and mentally strong, by providing the tools that will allow him to make consistent, smart and healthy choices. 

I am not saying that I will never feed him chocolate, cake or pizza of course I will. But I always make  it clear such foods are not meant to be had every day, let alone in large quantities, while at the same time I counter offer healthier choices, so that he grows aware of tasty alternatives.

After this ‘lecture’ (apologies for but I live in a country where 1/3 of children under 16 are obese and that worries me as a parent), let us get started with the main topic of this post.

Here is my take on healthy options when planning a kids’ party, split into Sweet & Savoury.

Sweet Suggestions

Savory Suggestions

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