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Hi, I’m Joana. I’m a food and nutrition specialist. I am also a young mum.
Having studied cuisine, travelled and worked in high end restaurants as a chef, when my child was born I was surprised by the lack of suitable products to give my son. I was having trouble finding the right balance between what he needed to grow healthily, what I believe food should be and the quality offered by mainstream markets. It seemed I could not find something that would balance all three without breaking my bank account.

I decided to put my experience to the test, and come up with healthy combinations to keep him interested. It looks like I am doing a good job for I am a proud mother to a happy, energtic and very sociable young boy.

After doing some research, I noticed I wasn’t alone in my struggle with this. Most products on the market are ready made meals or powders that are meant to provide for their every need.

Personally, I believe food should be enjoyable and interesting. Food should also challenge your senses (all of them) and be a form of pleasure. Eating fresh produce has always been a concern.

I created my own recipes. A lot of trial and error was involved, but I now know what the best combinations are for texture, flavour and also health benefits. People seem curious and amazed with the food I give my child, especially since he eats everything and enjoys it fully. I have a friend that says she wants my recipes for herself (she’s single, not a mum but enjoys food as much as I do). I started sharing my recipes and want to help young mums that do not knowing where to turn to when feeding your child.

I can help you outline a shopping list, plan menus for the week, and share clever ideas to make them eat what they dislike. I also have lots of advice and tips regarding meal preparation for your family. In the long run the health (and financial) benefits outweigh the cost. My recipes are not expensive, nor too time consuming (I’m a busy mum always on the go!). You will feel and see the positive impact quickly, most importantly, you will be giving your child the tools to develop a healthy relationship towards eating and food. I love food and nothing brings me more joy! Have a look at the website or email me directly. I would love to help and share my knowledge and experience!

Hope to read from you soon at  eduspantry@gmail.com or joanag.junqueira@gmail.com


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